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All images are giclee printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, 320gsm, 100% cotton, with a pearl finish. Each print is edition numbered, embossed or stamped, and signed by Geoff. 


All prints Signed

By Geoff


David Bowie: TMWFTE, 1975- MAC020

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Brand: Geoff MacCormack

Another cigarette break! This David Bowie smoking shot is iconic. He chose this image, taken on set of 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', for publicity posters in the late seventies. I love the lines of this image - there seems to be a seamless energy drawn in by the shielded source of the fire. I feel some guilt for being the one who turned Bowie on to the Gitane cigarette. In my defence, and his, we did smoke this brand for aesthetic reasons, both of us being enamoured with Max Ponty's delightful artwork which depicts a gypsy dancing girl, shrouded in a plume of smoke.

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